Kitchen Backsplash Ideas from an Arlington Kitchen Backsplash Contractor 

Remodeling your kitchen can be quite an expensive undertaking. The average minor kitchen remodel cost in Texas according to Remodeling magazine is $19,226 while a major kitchen remodel is $56,768. Not every homeowner can afford those kind of prices, but luckily there are more affordable options that can help makeover a kitchen. The easiest and most affordable in my opinion, an Arlington kitchen backsplash contractor, is the kitchen backsplash. There…

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Wood Look Tile Flooring Options and Costs

In one of our recent blog posts we discussed the emergence of wood look tile flooring in popularity among homeowners. In this post, we going to dive deeper into the many different options and costs that a consumer can expect when shopping for wood like tile flooring at a retail floor store. Wood look tile comes in both Porcelain and Ceramic tile. Ceramic tile in some instances might have a…

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Wood Tile Flooring

Wood tile flooring is has become extremely popular among homeowners recently. Of course, real solid or engineered hardwood floors are more desirable for homeowners, but they are not practical for everyone or for certains spaces of a home. Wood look tile is most widely used in wet areas of home, like kitchens, bathrooms, entry ways and laundry rooms. Wood tile flooring is very durable and less susceptible to water damage…

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Have ever read the technical information on a Luxury Vinyl Plank and been confused…

Have ever read the technical information on a Luxury Vinyl Plank and been confused on what it all means?  Well you’re not alone.  It isn’t uncommon to see multiple types of measurement used interchangeably on a single product.  The wear layer may be measured in mil, the overall thickness of the Luxury Vinyl Plank represented in mm (millimeters), and the width and length expressed in inches.  It makes it hard…

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