wood tile flooring

Wood tile flooring is has become extremely popular among homeowners recently. Of course, real solid or engineered hardwood floors are more desirable for homeowners, but they are not practical for everyone or for certains spaces of a home.

Wood look tile is most widely used in wet areas of home, like kitchens, bathrooms, entry ways and laundry rooms. Wood tile flooring is very durable and less susceptible to water damage in these areas than real hardwood flooring. It is also popular for homeowners that have large pets or young kids where they have concern that real wood flooring get damaged easily and that wood tile flooring would hold up much better to that type of foot traffic.

The wood tile flooring can be made in both ceramic and porcelain tile. Although both are very durable and moisture resistant in comparison to hardwoods, porcelain tile is a little stronger than ceramic.

Pricing on wood tile flooring can vary greatly. There all different kinds of styles of wood tile and the pricing is largely based on the style of the wood tile. Some wood like tile floors are more detailed than others and some have more texture than others. There are many different sizes that the wood look tile flooring comes in as well. So there are many factors that play into the materials price, but you can expect to pay almost as much as real hardwood floors (material only) and often can expect to pay more for the installation since installation of plank tile is more tedious work than glue down installation of hardwoods.

So if you are looking at purchasing new floors and are concerned that your family’s lifestyle might lead to scratches, stains or water damage to your wood floors, look into an excellent alternative in wood tile flooring that gives you the wood look with durability.

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by Brian Heltzel
The Floor Barn
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