Are you looking to get new floors for your home? If so, you should consider the Luxury Vinyl Plank benefits to see if it is the right floor for your home and family.

The biggest luxury vinyl plank benefits and allure to homeowners is that it most of the floating click and lock vinyl plank floors are 100% waterproof. So if your home is an active home with kids and pets, a luxury vinyl plank benefits is that it is kid and pet friendly. So if your kid or pet spills a liquid on the floor, and you miss it, you can be relieved that the unnoticed moisture will not damage your luxury vinyl plank floor like it can some other floors.

Another luxury vinyl plank benefits is that you can get the wood look floor for your home but at a slight discount to that of the real wood floors. Not only often are the vinyl plank flooring itself more affordable than wood floors, it is also more cheaper to have installed.

Speaking of installation, another luxury vinyl plank benefits is that if you are the DIY type of person and want to look at installing your new floors for your home, floating vinyl plank flooring is one of the easier type of flooring materials to install.

The last luxury vinyl plank benefits that I will cover in this blog post is that there is a huge selection of different colors and styles. So if you are interested in a wide range of designs, such as your traditional wood floor look to a more weathered wood beach look, you are sure to find a floor that will match your tastes and design for your home.

With all of those luxury vinyl benefits, it is no wonder that it is the most popular floor by far that we sell in our flooring showroom in Burleson, TX.

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