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In one of our recent blog posts we discussed the emergence of wood look tile flooring in popularity among homeowners. In this post, we going to dive deeper into the many different options and costs that a consumer can expect when shopping for wood like tile flooring at a retail floor store.

Wood look tile comes in both Porcelain and Ceramic tile. Ceramic tile in some instances might have a slightly lower price point, but not always true. Porcelain tile is a little more harder and most desirable for high traffic areas, while ceramic is still suitable for most areas of a residential home.

Wood look tile can come in many different sizes. The most popular lengths are 24″ and 36″. They can come in other lengths, some as short as 12″ and long as 48″. The longer they are the harder they are to install so you can expect to pay your installer a little more the longer the wood look tile plank, and often quite a bit more than your standard 12″x12″ tile. They can also come in many different widths, with some as narrow as 3″ and as wide as 6″, while most are 4″-5″ wide.

The aesthetic look of wood look tile can come in many different styles. Most have a nice rustic look with high detailed texture and some can have a very modern look, like a smooth Acacia. They come in many different colors, with the most popular being in the brown family, while modern colors like greys are growing in popularity.

Wood look tile can vary greatly in cost, just like real hardwood floors. You can expect to pay anywhere from $2.50 square foot to $7 square foot. A lot of the cost depends on the detail of the wood and the size.

If you live in the Dallas / Fort Worth metro area and are looking for a good selection of discount prices on wood look tile, feel free to stop in one of our retail showrooms in Arlington and Burleson, TX.

by Brian Heltzel
The Floor Barn
Arlington, TX

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