Remodeling your kitchen can be quite an expensive undertaking. The average minor kitchen remodel cost in Texas according to Remodeling magazine is $19,226 while a major kitchen remodel is $56,768. Not every homeowner can afford those kind of prices, but luckily there are more affordable options that can help makeover a kitchen. The easiest and most affordable in my opinion, an Arlington kitchen backsplash contractor, is the kitchen backsplash.

There are many different material options a homeowner can choose from when designing their new kitchen on their own or with an Arlington kitchen backsplash contractor. Here are a few options to consider:

Porcelain or Ceramic tile is probably the most popular material used in our Arlington kitchen backsplash contractor remodel projects. There are so many to choose from, you are sure to find one that meets your style.

Glass tile is also a growing popular option that can add some flash to your kitchen. Some people shy away from it because they are afraid it is a fad that will not be still like in a few years.

Natural Stone is a timeless look that I love as an Arlington kitchen backsplash contractor. It is very regal looking however there is maintenance with it since you have to re-seal it every year or so which is easy to do.

Marble or Granite is a nice look as well. Most people that use this method use it as an extension of the same material they have on their kitchen countertops. It most likely will be the most expensive option I have mentioned so far.

Laminate countertops have lost their appeal to most homeowners but still are an affordable option for others. With the increased technology in laminate production, there are some cool looking laminates available.

Those are the main backsplash materials used by an Arlington kitchen backsplash contractor. However, there are others such as copper, stainless steel, composite and more.  If you can think of it, it likely can be used as a potential kitchen backsplash.

by Brian Heltzel
The Floor Barn
Arlington, TX

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