All Wood Discount Cabinets – Shopping tips for Kitchen Cabinets

If you are shopping for kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities, then you will find the best prices for all wood discount cabinets at The Floor Barn cabinet and flooring store located in Burleson, TX.  These all wood kitchen cabinets have zero particle board in their construction. In addition to a high quality construction of the kitchen cabinet, they also have a great selection of colors to choose from including White,…

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Just another example of why it is so important for a homeowner to hire a professional…

Just another example of why it is so important for a homeowner to hire a professional contractor! is sad, but we here at The Floor Barn hear it all too often from a homeowner, I spent a bunch of money on a contractor that took their money up front up front and never did any work, or did a terrible job on the installation work and now the homeowner can…

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Should you put Laminate Flooring in Your Kitchen?

Laminate flooring is is an extremely durable floor product and a more affordable alternative to wood flooring. The question many home owners have, is it a viable flooring option for their home's kitchen.The answer varies, dependent on the homeowner. Some homeowners are very meticulous in maintaining their homes and others are not so much (to put it nicely). As I mentioned above, laminate flooring is a very durable floor and…

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