Just another example of why it is so important for a homeowner to hire a professional contractor!


It is sad, but we here at The Floor Barn hear it all too often from a homeowner, I spent a bunch of money on a contractor that took their money up front up front and never did any work, or did a terrible job on the installation work and now the homeowner can not reach them to have them come back to "warranty" their work. You feel for those people who have lost a lot of money, sometimes all their savings and their home is in worse shape then when they started the home improvement project.

Make sure the contractor you hire is a professional contractor, has an actual brick and mortar place of business so you know where to go visit with them if you do have concerns, make sure you get their warranty information in writing, get referrals and check online reviews. Do your due diligence ahead of time and you are less likely to encounter a nightmare situation like this shown in this article. It might cost you slightly more, less than you think, but it will more likely provide you with a peace of mind and quality installation.


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‘Huge misunderstanding’: Contractor guts wrong Fort Worth house | WFAA.com

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