Laminate flooring is is an extremely durable floor product and a more affordable alternative to wood flooring. The question many home owners have, is it a viable flooring option for their home's kitchen.

The answer varies, dependent on the homeowner. Some homeowners are very meticulous in maintaining their homes and others are not so much (to put it nicely). As I mentioned above, laminate flooring is a very durable floor and typically holds up well to families with kids and pets. Although there are some laminate flooring products on the market that are water proof and water resistant, many are not. So if the homeowner chooses to put laminate flooring in their kitchen, it will be important that they look for and clean up and pooling water that might be left after washing the dishes or from a pets water bowl. If water is left to pool for an extended period of time, it can warp the laminate flooring.

However, if you are the type of homeowner that cleans up after themselves, as most are, then laminate can be a very good choice for flooring in your kitchen. Especially with a lot of homes now having an open concept, the homeowners want to have the same flooring in the living room run into the adjacent kitchen and dining room to maintain that open feel and not have it feel sectioned off with separate styles of floors.

Keep in mind though, no matter how closely a homeowner maintains their home, there is always the slim chance of an unexpected accident like a malfunction of an ice maker or dishwasher that floods the kitchen and ruins the laminate flooring. Thankfully, that should be covered in your homeowners insurance.

Here is a great article to learn more on laminate flooring in a kitchen:

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Laminate Flooring in the Kitchen
Affordable laminate stands up to stains and scratches and is easy to clean.

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