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Hardwood floors cost can vary greatly depending on several variables. The ever increasing amount of hardwood flooring manufacturer’s and their growing lines provide countless options for the consumer who is shopping for hardwood floors for their home.

In our stores at The Floor Barn, our hardwood floor choices run between $2.99 a square foot to $5.90 a square foot. That is the kind of sweet spot for our typical middle class customer and luckily there are several different brand name hardwoods with a wide variety of woods that fall into that sweet spot. However, there are many designer hardwood floors on the market that can reach the double digits per square footage in cost.

A factor that plays into the cost of the hardwood floors is the wood species. The most economical wood species is a Birch which is a little more softer on the hardness rating than say a hickory which will typically cost more. Usually though, with everything else being equal, the difference between the cost of a birch and a hickory wood floor is only around $.20-$40 a square foot. The cost can increase significantly for your more exotic foreign woods such as Ipe, Brazilian Cherry, etc…

Another factor can be the thickness of the wood. If it is a 3/8″ thick engineered hardwood, it most likely will be more affordable than a 1/2″ or 9/16″ thick floor. The biggest thing a consumer should look for in the thickness of the floor should be more on the thickness of the wear layer than the entirety of the board.

Another big factor is the region that you reside in. Hardwood floors prices in California or the northern parts of the States can typically be much higher than the lower Midwest, such as Texas.

These are just a few of the factors that can influence the cost of hardwoods, however if you factor in the cost of installation then the overall cost will definitely increase.

I stumbled across this nice little calculator that factors in where you live and give you high and low range that you can expect to pay for your new hardwood floors.

by Brian Heltzel
The Floor Barn
Arlington, TX

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Cost to Install Hardwood Floor – 2013 Cost Calculator (ZipCode based)
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