How To Best Avoid Hiring a Bad Flooring Contractor:

Whether you are embarking on a flooring project or a bathroom or kitchen remodel project, the single most important decision you will make through this process is hiring the right company or flooring contractor to complete your project.A lot of home owners put more effort and research in picking out their tile, or laminate or hardwood floors and plumbing fixtures or even paint color then they do in choosing their…

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Tips for choosing the right home contractor for your remodeling or flooring proj…

Tips for choosing the right home contractor for your remodeling or flooring project:If you are about to embark on a home improvement project, whether it be new hardwood flooring or a bathroom remodel, there are some very important things to consider in choosing the company that is right for your project. Of course price is a major factor in a homeowner's decision in choosing the best proposal for their renovation. However,…

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How To Conduct A Moisture Test on Hardwood Floors

Are you installing engineered hardwood floors in your home? If so it is important that you check the moisture rating of your hardwood to make sure the installation goes smoothly.  Check out this video on how to conduct the moisture test. If you don't have a moisture meter of your own, give us a call at The Floor Barn!How To Test for Moisture prior to Installing Engineered Hardwood Flooring by…

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Tips and Tools to Regrout your Bathroom.

The number one reason we are called to our client's home for a bathroom remodel project is for water damage because the grout in the shower was not maintained properly. Grout manufacturers recommend that you reseal your grout lines every 9 months, however that is rarely done by your average homeowner. Many are people are too busy or the thought of actually resealing the grout does not come to mind…

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You don’t have to dread your next remodeling or flooring project!

Many people stress out about renovating their home. Whether their project includes installing new hardwood flooring or a larger project like an addition. There are many factors that a homeowner should take into consideration when choosing the contractor for the project. It is essential that you feel comfortable with that person or company that will be conducting the project in your home. There are many other items to consider, are they insured,…

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The Floor Barn flooring store showcases it’s top selling laminate!

The Floor Barn showcases the Heritage Collection, handscraped laminate from Lawson Floors. It is a 12.3 mil laminate with a 25 yr warranty, AC3 rating, 4 colors to choose from and can be purchased for $1.85 square foot. Watch the video for more details. The Floor Barn is a flooring store that sells & installs all types of floor covering materials like tile, hardwood, laminate and carpet. We’ll floor…

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