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Are you planning a small kitchen remodeling project anytime in the near future? As kitchen’s continue to increase to be built to become a center for the family in their home with the open kitchen and living or family room concept, there are always going to be many homeowners who either might be a minimalist and by choice does not want a large kitchen or maybe your budget just does not simply allow for a large kitchen, there are ways to make sure you maximize the space in your small kitchen remodeling project.

The U shaped galley style kitchen is very popular amongst small home layouts. It allows to have the necessities of kitchen all within a few steps of each other. So while it might not feel expansive, it is quite efficient kitchen work triangle.

Cabinet and shelving storage play a huge factor in the overall layout and feel of your small kitchen renovation. If you are minimalist at heart without a large amount of dishes and do not need a lot of cabinetry, then you open your kitchen up to a lot more possibilities of providing that more open and expansive feel to it. Someways to do that is to add a window to where there might have been wall cabinets to allow in more light and give an open feel. Or if you still need storage space, utilizing open shelving versus cabinetry on the walls can also give that large open feeling as well.

Of course and added benefit for some homeowners with a small kitchen is that the small kitchen remodel means less material which can allow you to maximize your budget with high end materials that will give your kitchen that wow factor you have always wanted.

Here is a good article with some more excellent tips and photos for small kitchen remodeling for your home:

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by Brian Heltzel
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