At The Floor Barn, we sell and install flooring materials like hardwood, tile, carpet, laminate, and wood floors. However we also specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodels which include shower remodeling.

Shower remodeling is one of the most common home improvement projects for home owners. Sometimes it might be because the home owner just bought the house and does not have the same taste or needs as the previous owner. Sometimes it might be to make changes that will assist an home owner that has aged and needs safety measurements implemented. A lot of the times it is because the shower has had some sort of water damage and the shower is no longer operable or the damage has progressed to where it is capable of causing larger damage to another area of the home.

The biggest culprit of water damage is the erosion of grout. It is recommended that you reseal your grout lines every 9-12 months, however that is rarely or never done by the average homeowner. The water from the shower will over time erode the grout if it is not sealed properly and will lead to water damage. In most of our shower remodeling projects, we utilize the Schluter Kerdi waterproof boards on the shower walls to help prevent water damage. We also will use an Epoxy grout on the shower floors which is stronger than the traditional grout and is sealed within the grout so that it does not need continual maintenance. The shower floor takes the biggest hit from the water in your shower. You can use the epoxy grout on the shower walls as well, but it is more expensive than the regular grout so you will have to factor that cost into your remodel budget or plan on just sealing the walls on a regular basis.

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