Hardwood Flooring Finish – Aluminum Oxide or Polyurethane

The Floor Barn is a Hardwood Floor Stores Fort Worth that sells and installs engineered wood floors. When a client is shopping for new hardwood floors for their home, one of the items the client typically is interested in learning more about is the finish of the wood and the warranty that comes with it.

There are two types of wood flooring finishes, Aluminum Oxide and Polyurethane. Aluminum oxide is the most durable of the two, which can typically can add an additional 15 years to the finish of your wood floors. At The Floor Barn we only sell engineered hardwood so those are manufactured with an Aluminum Oxide finish. Typically the only time you see a polyurethane finish is on a solid hardwood floor that is stained and finished on-site of the home. Here is a little more information on the differences between the two:

Aluminum Oxide – Manufacturers combine aluminum oxide particles with polyurethane to increase a wood floor’s resistance to scratches and other signs of wear. Aluminum oxide finishes applied to floors during the manufacturing process can last up to 25 years

Polyurethane – Polyurethane is a clear, durable floor finish that comes in several forms and the most widely used is an oil-modified polyurethane which was developed to create a more wear-resistant finish than linseed oil.
The finish can typically last about 10 years under normal foot traffic.

If you are purchasing engineered hardwood floors and have more questions, feel free to contact us here at The Floor Barn, a Hardwood Floor Store Fort Worth. You can visit our retail showroom in Burleson, TX or shop online at our website.

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