The Floor Barn is a Grand Prairie Tile Store and we happy to bring to you the latest news, trends and products in the flooring industry. After the recent 2013 Coverings flooring trade show, there has been a big movement towards tile that looks like wood. Technologies like digital imaging and ink-jet printing are transforming less-expensive tiles like porcelain and ceramic, giving them the looks of marble, granite, agate, malachite, terrazzo, limestone and wood.

The wood tile look demand has been growing over recent years but as the technology has improved, so has the demand. People love the look of hardwood, but sometimes might not have the family or home situation that is conducive for wood floors. Maybe the homeowner has several pets or young kids, or tracks in a lot of dirt/moisture from outside of the home. With the wood tile, they can get the look they desire but also with the durability of tile.

Just two years ago, a lot of the tile looked very digitized, like they were printed off from a Commodore 64, but today’s products can be so real looking that you have to touch them to make sure they are made of porcelain or ceramic.

Here is an excellent article about the latest products that contains great content and photos:

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Top Tile Trends From the Coverings 2013 Show — the Wood Look
Get the beauty of wood while waving off potential splinters, rotting and long searches, thanks to eye-fooling ceramic and porcelain tiles

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