wood floors fort worth txHardwood floors are considered a green product by most industry professionals. At first though by consumers, they do not think that hardwood floors would be an eco-friendly product because they envision many trees being cut down to create that wood flooring for their home.

However, in reality, with the continued rise in production of hardwood floors for the housing industry, the USDA Forest Service reports that there are more trees at the present time than there ever has been in the past. And there are now laws in place that for every tree harvested, two trees have to be planted in it’s place so that we continue to have and enjoy our natural habitats for wildlife, parks and of course air to breathe.

Also, to confirm that hardwood floors are indeed an eco-friendly product, the two biggest organizations that over-see green certifications for the housing industry, US Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program, and the NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines, both consider hardwood floors to be a Green product. Hardwood floors can last up to a 100 yrs plus if properly  maintained, which is much longer than other flooring products such as carpet.

So as the human population, gas emissions and environmental concerns continue on the rise, homeowners looking for eco-friendly flooring options will rise as well. So it is important that we in the flooring industry do a better job of educating the public that harwood floors are indeed a Green product.

by Brian Heltzel
The Floor Barn

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