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A bathroom remodel cost is very hard to nail down to a specific number because there are so many variables that go into a project. For example, where the home is located, a higher cost of living city versus a more affordable suburb. What type of materials, the scope of the remodeling project, and much more can affect the bathroom remodel cost in Texas.

However, to give you some sort of insight of what the average bathroom remodel cost is in Texas, let us give you insight from our projects here in the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex. We have showrooms in Burleson and Arlington, TX and most of our bathroom remodel projects revolve around a shower. Most likely the client had water damage or they just bought the home and want to update it. For your typical master shower remodel here in our area can range between $2500-$5000 depending on the materials utilized in the project. A tub surround remodel can cost between $750-$1500.

The most often addition to a bathroom remodel is new floor tile. Obviously the size of the bathroom can affect the bathroom remodel cost. Typical floor tiling project for a master bath can range between $500-$1500.

Then of course you can get into replacing your vanity cabinets and countertops, and that expense can vary greatly depending on the quality of the cabinets and whether you go with a product like cultured marble or granite / quartz for the counters.

As previously mentioned, there are so many variables that go into a bathroom remodel cost, but hopefully this blog post will give a good starting point of what to expect from your local remodeler in Texas.

by Brian Heltzel
The Floor Barn
Arlington, TX

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