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Today we are bringing you a tip on how to paint your wood floors Arlington. Now, typically I would never recommend that you paint your wood floors, especially if they are in good shape. But sometimes to modernize your home on a budget, it is ok to paint your hardwood floor since having them professionally sanded and res-stained can be a lot more expensive than a few buckets of primer and paint.
The painting of existing solid wood floors is typically a DIY project that a home owner will take on themselves, but a little forewarning that to do it properly it will take some sweat equity by sanding them before after you paint on the primer. Here is a good artilce with step by step instructions on how to paint your wood floors and also has several photos for design inspiration:

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How to Paint Your Hardwood Floors
Know how to apply nail polish? Then you can give your wooden floors a brand-new look

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