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If you have a home improvement project that you are about to take on and you are not the DIY type, one of the most important decisions you make will be who you hire to be your contractor. Here some things to consider before you hire an Arlington tile installer.

Make sure to ask your tile installer if they are licensed and insured. Not all states require a contractor to be licensed, and that would be the case here in Texas for your Arlington tile installer. But it is important that they are insured in the event they do something to damage your home. Stay away from your Craigslist installers! If you get lucky and find one that knows what he is doing and saves you a few dollars depending on the size of your project, or he could cost you thousands and leave your home in total disrepair.

Make sure if the contractor is general handyman or if they specialize in the type of project you are wanting to hire for. An Arlington Tile Installer specialist typically is going to be more skilled and efficient than someone that is “jack of all trades”.

Ask the Arlington tile installer if they work in the area that you reside and if they are available to start and complete the project within your desired timeline. If they do not meet your requirements, keep looking for one that can.

To most homeowners, the most important thing they look at is what the Arlington tile installer rates are. Of course that should be of some importance, but not the main focus. Take into consideration their skill level and ask to view photos of their work and for referrals of their past clients. As we mentioned, in addition to cost, do they have insurance, do they have a physical place of business so you know where to find them if you have an issue, how long they have in business is also important.

Of course there are many different questions you can ask to make the right selection since each project is unique, but the above questions are a must to ask of your Arlington tile installer before you hire one.

by Brian Heltzel
The Floor Barn
Arlington, TX

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