Many homeowners are choosing to take on home remodeling projects instead of selling and buying new homes in the current housing market. No matter the size of the home remodeling project, it is important that you take all the proper steps to make sure the safety of your family and your home are at the forefront.

There are several remodeling improvements that homeowners can make to improve safety and lower insurance premiums. Your biggest decision will be to decide if you want to take on the project yourself or hire a remodeling contractor. If you hire a contractor, make sure that they are insured and if your state required them to be licensed, that they are indeed licensed to perform the work that you want done.
Secondly, if the work that you need done requires permits, that you or your contractor files the permit with your city and then the appropriate inspection is conducted when you are finished with the project.

Another way to make your home a safer place is to not overlook the simplest things such as getting your vent ducts cleaned, update your smoke alarms, have your new granite countertops with rounded edging instead of sharp edges. Utilize tile with some traction or cohesion in wet areas to avoid slipping falls. To give you an example, a study by the United States Center for Disease Control said that in one year 234,000 people ages 15 and older visited emergency rooms due to injuries suffered in bathrooms. Most of these injuries were caused by falls.

There are a lot of steps you and/or your contractor should take to make your home safer, throughout your project make sure you do not cut any corners.

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