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The meteoric rise over the past decade of demand in wood flooring for homeowners is no real surprise. There are many benefits of wood flooring in your home and here are just a few:

1. Home Value – the main benefits of wood flooring is the value it adds to your home. Hardwoods are the most desirable floor choice for new homeowners so they add great value to your  home and can often lead to quicker selling and higher sale prices than home without wood floors.

2. Improved Air Quality – another benefits of wood flooring is that unlike carpet, it dust not trap in items such as dust, pollen , dust mites, mold and other harmful products to our health. More and more homeowners are considerate of their environment that might add to their allergy or asthma suffering and hardwood or laminate floors can assist in lowering their susceptibility.

3.  Eco-Friendly –  Benefits of wood flooring also include that it is a renewable source. Over the past several decades due to harvesting laws, North America has grown more trees than we have cut down. Not only have we implemented good foresting practices, but the longevity of the life of your typical wooden floor can be 25-50 yrs if not more, which well exceeds the life of most other flooring products.

4.  Variety and Stylish – the final benefits of wood flooring we will cover in this post is the large selection of wood floor products that allow the homeowner to customize their tastes. Hardwood floors come in all different species, colors, sizes, and finishes. You can choose the style that fits your tastes and there are many styles out there that are timeless and have lasted over a century. Another benefit is that if in the future your tastes change, most of the hardwoods installed in your home can be refinished to reflect your newly acquired tastes.

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