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Do you have a bathroom renovation need in your home, but your bathroom is small and you don’t know how to maximize the space? There are several tips for small bathroom renovation projects that a homeowner can implement, but ultimately the renovations you can do will depend on the layout of your bathroom.

Typically a bathroom renovation budget for a small bath is also limited in funds. Which means you will likely need to make your changes without conducting any plumbing changes, however if your budget is more expansive, allowing for plumbing changes will greatly improve your design choices.

Probably the design with the most potential is the European, Wet Bath design. A Wet Bath interior design means that everything can and likely will get get during a shower. Without having the surrounding walls of a shower, you can make the most of small bathroom renovation project.

However, not everyone is ok with the potential of water finding it’s way everywhere in the bathroom. For those people that need a divider between the shower space and the rest of the bathroom for visual aesthetics as well as functionality purposes to help from the rest of the area from getting wet, you can implement a shower curtain. A half pony-wall will also help provide the same function and still help maintain that open feel to make the space feel larger than it is.

The link attached to this blog post has a few photos of good examples of these two practices. Not only is the utilization of the right materials an important aspect of your small bathroom renovation project success, but also are the colors. Light, bright and airy colors will help the area feel larger to the eye. by

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9 Big Space-Saving Ideas for Tiny Bathrooms Really small bathrooms can be incredibly challenging to design. When there is hardly room for a toilet and sink, let alone a shower (a tub being totally out of the question), the usual fixtures and room layout simply will not do. These nine ideas go beyond simply making your bathroom look bigger and actually free up more space.

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