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As with any home design aspect, kitchen backsplash remodeling trends and materials evolve as technology and homeowners tastes change with time. However, as a kitchen backsplash professional, I feel that the changes are small and that most American homeowners are content with a traditional style material.

This article from Houzz will contradict my opinion on the kitchen backsplash industry as it predicts it heading towards a more seamless backsplash: I love their website, however I feel that the target audience they are capturing in this article is small group of trendy homeowners with big budgets. This is why I disagree with that article:

1.Seamless products shown in the article such as glass and marble are extremely expensive. A marble backsplash could cost you between $60-$100 sq.ft. Most of the popular tile in our showrooms utilized for a kitchen backsplash can range from $4 – $30 a sq.ft. .

2. When people remodel their homes, most homeowners opt to go with a style that is not only appeasing to them but also to the mass market in the event the have to sell their home in the near future. Although I like a lot of looks presented in this article, a lot of it is very modern which does not appeal to the largest segment of home buyers. Many feel that look is trendy and will be outdated much quicker than a more traditional looking kitchen backsplash.

3. Repairs – what happens if small portion of your large, seamless backsplash is damaged. Do you have to replace the whole kitchen backsplash? Odds are it will not be an easy fix like it would be replacing a single damaged 4″ x 4″ travertine tile.

There are kitchen designs that come and go and some that have staying power, I don’t see a seamless backsplash as a trend that will be around long or catch on to the masses.

by Brian Heltzel
The Floor Barn
Arlington, TX

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