Hardwood Floor Installation


If you are getting ready for a hardwood floor installation project, you likely are aware that the project comes with a lot more decisions than what you probably had anticipated.

One of those hardwood floor installation decisions that is very important to the success of your project is, what type of adhesive or glue should I use for my installation.

There are many, many different adhesives on the market today. Some are of excellent quality and some are cheap alternatives, some have a moisture barrier built into it and some don’t, some are manufactured by a company that specializes in hardwood floor installation adhesives and some are by the wood flooring manufacturer’s.

Although there are many that will work, I suggest utilizing an adhesive that is recommended by the hardwood manufacturer so that you do not void the warranty that comes with the purchase of your new hardwoods. Most manufacturer’s are fine with adhesives from Bostik and Mapei. We at The Floor Barn flooring store typically utilize Mapei 980 for our installations.

Another important factor will be how your moisture test turns out prior to your hardwood floor installation. If your moisture levels are high according to the manufacturer’s standards, then you will want to use a glue with a moisture barrier. Both Bostik and Mapei have a great product, we typically utilize Mapei 995.

by Brian Heltzel
The Floor Barn
Arlington, TX

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