The Floor Barn is your local hardwood floor installer and we would love to assist you with the purchase and installation of your new home wood floors. However, if you are the DIY type of individual and prefer to try the installation of the engineered hardwood flooring yourself, here are some tips to hopefully make your install a smooth one.

* Floor Acclimation – there are a few manufacturers who do not require an acclimation period, however most manufacturers require a 48-72 hour period where the wood is stored in your home so that it acclimates to the temperature of your home and limits the possibility of expansion or contraction after the installation.

* Sub Floor Preparation – Whether your subfloor is plywood or concrete, you will want to make sure that it is free of debris and leveled to make sure there are no rises or dips prior to the install. Also, if you have a concrete subfloor, you will want to make sure that you conduct a moisture test to make sure the moisture content is within acceptable limits set by the manufacturer of your wooden floors.

* When you install the hardwood, make sure you leave the recommended gap between where the wood will meet an immovable object such as the wall, tile or cabinets. It helps to prevent the floor buckling in the event you have some shifting the foundation of your home.

* When you install engineered hardwood depending on the product, you can install via the nail down, glue or floating methods. 99% of our hardwood floor installer methods are glue down. If we float a hardwood, we require it to be at a minimum of 1/2" thick, even if a 3/8" is product is approved for floating by the manufacturer. Here is a link to show you how to apply wood glue or adhesive during your install: How to Glue Down Hardwood Flooring presented by The Floor Barn

The Floor Barn is the leading hardwood floor installer and has the best prices in Texas. If you needing new floors for your home, please visit one of our retail showrooms in Arlington or Burleson, TX or you can shop online via our website at

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