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The Floor Barn is a Fort Worth Laminate Floor store that specializes in discount prices on brand name laminate floors. When customers visit our showrooms we get all kinds of questions about laminate floors so I thought I would cover a few of them real quick in this blog post to hopefully assist those of you who are doing your research online prior to purchasing your Fort Worth laminate floor.

What is the difference between 8mm and 12mm thick laminate? The answer is that the main difference for a home owner is that the 12mm has better acoustic traits. With it being thicker, it does not allow sound travel throughout the floor as the thinner floor, so you do not have that “hollow” or “clicking” sound with 12mm laminates.

What type of padding or underlayment should I use when installing the laminate? There are all kinds of different names and quality of underlayments on the market. Some laminates come with a padding attached to the bottom of the laminate. But I highly recommend going with a high quality 3-in-1 underlayment that provides sound, moisture and vapor protection. The difference between a thin foam underlayment and high quality pad for 1000 sq. ft. project typically will be about $100-$150, which is a very small cost difference considering the overall total project cost. Very much worth the investment.

What do I use to clean my laminate floors? Follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer so that you do not void the warranty. But almost every manufacturer approves the use of Bona laminate cleaner.

If you have other questions that you need answered, please visit one of our Fort Worth laminate floor stores in Arlington and Burleson, TX or visit our website and submit your question via our Contact Us page.

by Brian Heltzel
The Floor Barn
Arlington, TX

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