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12MM laminate flooring has become the most popular flooring sold here at our retail locations of The Floor Barn. There are many reasons for that being the case, however the two biggest catalysts of growth are that the cost of 12MM laminate flooring has decreased significantly in recent years and the improvement in quality of laminate products.

In regards to the cost, our most popular 12mm laminate flooring is $1.85 – $1.95 a square foot. So you have a thick solid floor at an affordable price. To give you a more relatable visual, 12mm thick floor is just a hair under 1/2″ thick. We hardly sell any 8mm laminate flooring anymore at our stores since the price gap between the 8mm and 12mm floors has closed, you get more for your money with the 12mm. The 12mm is so much better at absorbing sound of foot traffic than the thinner laminate, so if used with a quality underlayment you get a nice quiet and solid floor, not that loud hollow sound floor that most people were used to when walking on laminate floors.

The second biggest reason for the popularity is that the technology in creating the digital look of laminate has significantly improved in creating a more real hardwood look. We have 12mm laminate flooring and engineered hardwood flooring down in our retail stores and a lot of customers can not tell the difference.

The Floor Barn has discount prices on brand name 12mm laminate flooring. If you live in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, you can stop in one of our outlets in Burleson or Arlington. If you live outside the DFW area, you can shop online at our website,

by Brian Heltzel
The Floor Barn

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