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The Floor Barn is a discount flooring store in the Arlington and Mansfield area that specializes in bathroom flooring Mansfield and shower remodeling. With so many new materials coming out annually, it is always exciting to see what the latest trends are.

Of course there are always trends in bathroom flooring Mansfield that go in and out of style in a short period time, but there are a few trends that have lasting power such as natural stone. Here are a few trends for bathroom remodeling for 2014:

Eco-Friendly continues to grow. Water saving products like a dual flush toilet or a instant hot water shower head continue to be in demand as people look for new ways to help the environment.

Organic materials that give the homeowner a bathroom that feels like a natural spa are growing in demand. Products such as vanity sinks made out of bamboo or teak are replacing ceramic sinks. Wood looking porcelain or ceramic tile is also a growing natural trend in bathroom flooring Mansfield.

Here is a link with some additional growing trends in bathroom design for the upcoming year:

by Brian Heltzel
The Floor Barn
Arlington, TX

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10 spectacular bathroom innovations
Your bathroom is one of the only rooms in your home that relaxes your cares away and can invigorate you to start anew the next the day.

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