The first step is to remove the existing flooring in the home if there is any. Then you take a moisture test to make sure the moisture levels in the sub floor are at normal levels.
The second step is properly prep the subfloor by looking for low and high spots, grind super high spots and level with concrete patch the low spots. The average home will need about 1 bag of concrete patch per 100 sq.ft. of the project. In picture 1 you can see our guys have finished the leveling and are waiting for the concrete patch to dry.
While waiting for the patch to dry, the guys will open 4-5 boxes at a time and separate the wood planks into different piles based on there length so that they can properly install them to get an even pattern throughout the project.
Then they will pick the best starting point based on the layout of the project and start installing, it is important to make sure you install those first couple of rows really straight so that it serves as the guide for the rest of the project area.
As the installation progresses our installers will spread the glue out for several rows at a time, this allows to install as quickly as possible, the trick is not to spread too much so by the time you get to the last row that the glue is too hard or dry to manipulate as you install the wood planks.
And then finally, after the wood floors are installed, including any wall trim like baseboards or shoe molding, we utilize Bona floor cleaner to properly clean the floors so the homeowner can start to get their home back in normal living order.

If you are looking to have new hardwood flooring installed in your home, please contact The Floor Barn at or visit one of our two showrooms located in Burleson and Arlington, TX.
We have a great selection of brand name engineered handscraped wood floors at discount prices!


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