Remodeling Tip: Avoid these Common Mistakes

The Floor Barn is a flooring stores Fort Worth that specializes in bathroom & kitchen remodeling in addition to the sales & installation of flooring materials. Often when we work with a client on a remodeling project they have put some thought into what they would like in the outcome of the project and what it would take to achieve that outcome. However, there are many times when a homeowner is not sure of the proper steps on proceeding with their project. And as industry professional, it is the job of our staff to help educate them on the process and what they can expect to encounter. 

One of the most confusing aspects of a home remodel project for homeowners is the obtaining a permit. There are many projects that do not require a permit, such as installing new hardwood floors. However a project such as a kitchen remodel where you are changing the layout of the kitchen and removing walls, it is important to check with your city office to see if a permit is required. Sometimes, the same project would require a permit in one city but not in another city, each have their own set of laws so it is imperative that you or your contractor due your diligence.

Hiring the wrong contractor is the biggest money pit that we have encountered for some of our clients. We pride ourselves on our affordable rates, but we do not compete on price with a contractor that works out of his truck, is not licensed or insured. In order to utilize the proper materials & get the work done properly, the homeowner has to look at the value added versus just the price as the bottom line. Many times a client will get multiple proposals from different contractors and although they like our company, they choose the cheapest option and then a few weeks later we are called out to demo their work and start over because it was not done correctly and the homeowner has spent more than our original quote and received a lot of gray hairs along the way. So again, do your due diligence and do some background check on your contractor. Check with your local BBB, ask to speak with previous clients of the remodeling company, go to a current jobsite to see how the operate and the quality of work. You will be happy that you did.

Here is an excellent article on some additional common mistakes to avoid:

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