Our installers getting ready to start laying a beautiful 12mm laminate by Texas Traditions, their Road House Hickory.

A couple quick things to point out in these pictures when a laminate installation is being conducted:

You can see in the first picture the concrete patch that was used for leveling is still in the process of drying, you can see the darker spots are some are a bit darker that need a bit more drying time. It is important that you make sure the subfloor is level prior to starting the install. Also, you see Ishmael undercutting the fireplace, using the grinder to make the cut and the shop vac to minimize the dust. This provides a nice clean look as you slide the laminate slightly under the fireplace, versus butting the laminate close up to the fireplace and using quarter round or shoe mold to cover the expansion gap.

Also, you see in the second picture the guys starting the first couple of rows during the install, you see that we use a high quality 3-in-1 underlayment so that it provides a good solid feel under the laminate and helps prevent from having a hollow sound, which you get when you use a thin foam product you see at many other flooring retailers.

So if you are homeowner and looking for laminate flooring, not only should you be looking for a quality product at a fair price, but also quality installation, so make sure you ask questions about what is all entailed in an estimate you receive from a company/contractor, like are they using quality underlayment, are they properly leveling the floor prior to install, etc..

Please feel free to visit one of our two showrooms located in Burleson and Arlington, TX to see our excellent selection of brand name laminates at discount prices.



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